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More like aniMATHson amiright

If you've never tried your hand at animation you might be surprised and distressed to find how much adding up and dividing by twelve is involved. To be fair, working on a program like Animate (nee Flash) where everything is easy to move around, you can leave a lo of the maths behind and eye it all. But it's a pretty surefire way to get very confused, especially if you're timing your work to music or have another time constraint.

Back in the day (and I guess still on hand-drawn features) you'd use a Dope Sheet to keep track of all this:

I'm working on the animated video showcasing the titles of the shortlist for the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize. This is the post-it note that is currently running my life:

The cat is helping. I somewhat miss the look of a real Dope Sheet which convey a certain busy authority (I must have a pile somewhere) but I'm also thankful that most of the maths I have to do can fit on a 5cm square sticky.


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