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Life on Mars

Here's something I drew earlier in the year but didn't post here.

I drew it during a lovely Tweetalong that Matthew Graham and some of the other creatives involved did of the first episode of what is probably my favourite show - Life on Mars.

When I decamped from my flat to join family at the beginning of lockdown back in March 2021 I packed a bit randomly but one thing I did grab was my Life on Mars DVDs which says a lot. I didn't actually rewatch them till recently, apart from that Tweetalong of ep 1. I'm very circumspect about repeat viewings of the things I love. I have a horror of losing the magic. I finally started a rewatch recently (... on Netflix) and I've fallen in love with it all over again. God it's just so good.

Leaving significant gaps before returning to favourites means I think that you always get to meet is as a different person. Where I am now in my thinking about story and stuff is so different from where I was whenever I last watched Life on Mars, maybe a couple of years ago. At the moment I've been thinking a lot about how stories are ideas existing in tension with each other, and so I've been seeing how well this show enacts that. Knowing me, I'll end up writing a needlessly long piece about it...

Anyway, nothing much to say about the illustration apart from the fact I'm pleased with it! I think that I got good actor resemblance within a simple and stylised approach.


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