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Spring and Valentine's Day

Rather than what I was working on here Spring 2018 ended up being the above (middle).

It's been an annual conversation that it's difficult to get the tone right of a poster suite that goes in late December or early January and stays put till May. We call the season Spring but overtly Springy imagery can look a bit absurd for what is basically still winter for the first two months of use.

So we decided to break away from the very verdant imagery/colours of previous years and create something a bit more wintery. We also liked the idea of a poster that was a version of the Christmas poster, giving shops the option to keep in the more wintery look alongside 'Spring' for a while (since the Christmas poster, left, is not explicitly Christmassy).

Although I don't think we ever got round to communicating that to shows so probably none of them did it.

Now we've also signed off the Valentine's Day creative and again we opted to develop the existing creative to fit the new theme rather than start from scratch.

I like this approach a lot. For about a year we've been looking at making the poster suites more effective by making them more cohesive.

The current plan is to create the Mother's Day, Easter and maybe also the WCBP POS in versions of the same creative. These, like Valentines, are small secondary suites that go in alongside the Spring posters, so it makes sense for them to match (while having enough different to stand out).

I guess when it's time to design the Summer posters, a natural cut-off point, we'll have another decision to make about whether to continue the look all year.


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