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Trying something different

One recurring style I use is... well I'm never sure how to describe it. It's this kind of thing:

I.e. illustration that goes for a fair amount of realism in terms of proportion while heavily simplifying detail and using a limited palette and flat colours that are not naturalistic. I guess I think of it as 'screenprinty', though some examples lean harder into that specific look than others.

Anyhow as you can see from the above examples while I'm fond of this approach for figures they tend to appear in isolation or near enough. I've been thinking about extending the approach to properly draw a scene.

I picked out a moment from Northern Lights which has been at the back of my mind a lot since finding the TV depiction pretty leaden and squandering of potential (the movie version of the scene was somewhat better but still not great). That is, Lyra going to find 'the lost boy'.

I was interested in swapping out the book's fishing hut for something more inspired by one of the huts from the Scott expedition. I've got a bunch of thoughts around this scene really but will resist dumping them all here, partly because I'm pleased enough with my results here that I hope to develop this one way or another. Maybe a short comic sequence.


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