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WCBP 2018

The creative for the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize 2018. Which one can probably deduce from the poster. That is rather the point of them.

I did a bit of a soft re-design on the logo. It was suddenly felt that after six years the logo was looking a bit tired, perhaps wasn't communicating the company's ownership of the award effectively, had too much cluttering coy in the bottom flourish and perhaps the word 'children's' was getting lost.

Given there was no time for a full re-design on the logo this year I did what I could within the framework of the existing one. I don't really think I've created a more pleasing-looking logo (maybe for the horizontal version) but I think it ticks the boxes as well as it can given the constraints...

I like the posters. We considered carrying on in the forest/birds tradition we've been following this year (Christmas, Spring and Valentines Day posters all versions of this basic creative and Mother's Day to be as well). And the gradient of the sky here is a unifying graphic element with those suites. But I'm glad we didn't go too hard on that n the end. WCBP needs to stand out and look special.

I (and the Children's Buyer et al) picked something I feel I'll be able to develop naturally into event POS (mobiles and standees) and that the window dresser will be able to take a cue from in her decoration, so the prize-giving party and window displays will all be nice and themed.

It skews young for a prize that includes a teenage fiction category. If a teen book wins the overall prize the creative will have to be adjusted to fit. Cats reading and cartoon birds flying will look pretty odd behind a super serious YA cover. But I think I've planned in just about enough wiggle room for that contingency


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