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WCBP Animated Videos

I was asked to produce a video to showcase the shortlists of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize in 2015, and did the same for the next two year's prizes.

​The videos had two purposes: to be the centrepiece of the prize-giving ceremony/shortlist party, and to be used (in whole and parts) as social media assets.

They were also part of a wider bit of design for me around the Children's Book Prize; springing off the wider seasonal creatives I had designed for shops to create a set of POS, event dressing and the video in a cohesive yearly look.

The videos and their Instagram/Twitter/Facebook etc derivatives all got plenty of engagement, but were incredibly work-intensive to produce. In 2018 we decided to shift from full animated videos and take a different approach; live-action segments produced elsewhere in-house, where children presented the titles:


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