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Immortals mock-ups

After mentioning yesterday that despite their quality as illustrations I wondered if there was any way the art from the original US and UK editions of The Immortals could ever be used for modern editions of the books, I couldn't resist having a play with the idea.

I used the title and byline treatment I created for my own cover designs, figuring that if anything was going to balance out the old-fashioned meticulousness of the illustrations, it would be this rough/sketchy treatment of the text.

The set above uses the US illustrations and it's debatable whether they quite hang together. The text has to go over a very busy background and the tone generally perhaps comes across a bit too colourful and light to suit the emo sophistication sensibilities of the demographic.

But I think the David Wyatt illustrations work super well for full-bleed treatment. I rather suspect they may have been painted with this treatment in mind - Wyatt left plenty of space in the artwork available for placing text over. The illustrations retain perhaps a little of their 90s styling to quite work on new covers. But the one that works the best, and looks the most modern, is the Wild Magic cover. and the main thing is always for the first book in the series to look appealing.


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